Unicorn Candy Nails

Unicorn Candy Nails

Hello! I am here with some cute candy nails! So there is a big malfunction here, I marbled a bundle monster pink and blue and when I put a top coat on it, it did this weird bleeding thing and went Wayyyyyyyy darker than it was supposed to be! And then I stamped with white and it bled again into things odd pink. So these would be cooler if they were white but that’s ok I guess. 

I didn’t start with a base color I just marbled the colors together with Pueen’s crystal stamper, this stamper works great for that. Then put a topcoat on it then it did that weird thing. 

Then I stamped with bundle monsters white with this fun candy image and put Chinaglazes’s fairy dust on it for some extra sparkle and finished with a topcoat. 

I wish they didn’t bleed but nothing I can do about it😒

What do you think about these? Lately I have been totally stumped about what nails I could do, so please comment any suggestions! Thank you for reading! 

Speckled Nail Art 

Speckled Nail Art 

I don’t even know where to begin explain these nails! I swear I had a cool image in mind! And I don’t like them either! I don’t even think they look good at all and they took sooooooooooo long! The plate must have been weird because it wasn’t my stamping or my stampers because I did the exact same thing to other plates ): 

I was very close to not even watermarking them! What do you think about these? 

I do have to admit the neon green looks cool. But other than that they aren’t all that cool. Well as always thank you for reading and comment any suggestions below! (: 

Borderlands Two Nail Art 

Hello! I’m here today with some borderlands two nail art! My wonderful boyfriend is having his birthday today and this is his favorite video game so I thought to do them in his honor! There is some stamping involved and some free hand! 
On my middle finger and ring finger I painted them white and the rest black. Then on my middle finger I used a splatter stamp using two colors. On my ring finger I free handed the BL2 and then dry brushed around it.

On my pinky I just stamped a cool design with a moon grey. On my pointer finger I free handed the vault hunter symbol and kept my thumb just black and then simply topcoated this didn’t take that long but have a great pay off.

I have a few friends that are happy to see them because they like borderlands two too! 

I’m sorry I couldn’t post these last night my wifi went out, so I wasn’t able to load these up. Thank you so much for reading! Bye! 

Vintage Looking Nails

Vintage Looking Nails

Hello! I got to do my nails today! I’m actually a little surprised because I did sooooooo many things today! Well I’m super happy to show all of you! 

I used three different brands of plates! Born Pretty, Bundle Monster, and Pueen!

I’m sorry I had to use a filter so you could actually see the designs! 

I started with a white base on all of my nails and then this beautiful esssie polish and I am so sorry I don’t have the name, I bought it in the clearance and it didn’t have the name. Actually I have never paid full price for a single Essie polish I own! 

What I used to stamp over the white was the polish I used to paint my ring finger. It gave it a old look that I liked! 

Thank you for reading and please comment any suggestions you might have for me! 

Rose Lace Nails 

Rose Lace Nails 

I just noticed I do a lot of rose nails for a person, and use a lot of teal! Well I love teal! Do any of you? 

I started with a teal base for all of my nails, then with a clear jelly base glitter painted a thin coat across all my nails. It should be clear for best results in my opinion. 

I think using a clear stamper was easiest so you can see where you are placing the stamp, I used this amazing monocle stamper by bundle monster (you can get it on their cite or Amazon)!

Would you ever do this? Do you like the glitter look to it? Please comment below, and thank you so much for reading!! ❤️

Elegant Gold Rose Nails

Elegant Gold Rose Nails

Hello! Today I did my nails and the inspiration for these absolutely beautiful nails is the bloger “beautnails4u” she made these beautiful nails and I thought I could recreate them, she also did a set of mine! This is my first mani swap, I’m super stoked! Well let’s get into this! 

I started with a white base, then stamped a pretty gold design and used a detail brush to paint the black on, I didn’t have the nail vinyls she had so I did my best.

I really like these because on one side it’s all gold and then this super neat dark shadow look, very creative! Here are the original, I think hers are wayyy better. 

Oh I also wanted to say I used this topcoat! I know lots of people use this just wanted to show you! 

If anyone wants to mani swap with me please just comment below! Thank you so much for reading this and thank you Beautnails4u for letting me recreate this (: 

Shell nails 

Shell nails 

Hello! I did some shell nails inspired by my friend who is camping at the beach and thought these would be nice! 

I started with this wonderful gold/sand color by sinful colors on my middle and pointer finger, and for the rest this Awful Essie polish which took four coats! It’s more grey than blue and it’s doesn’t look like the bottle, I wish it was a little brighter for this manicure too. These are the polishes I used: 

I then prepped my nails with some of pueen’s latex Cuticle guard. Then just finished with topcoat! Then I simply stamped with Bundle Monsters wonderful white stamping Polish

I really like these plates, it’s bundle monsters sun kissed collection! Which you can get these beautiful plates Here

I just got this Opalized Shell just recently and wanted to show you guys! It’s really pretty