Hello!!! If you have been following me for a while you’ll know LOOK nail color has been my favorite for months now and right now LOOK is having a 50% sale!!!!!!!! 

I can’t even contain myself I’m so happy! 

This is just a tiny handful of my nails art with this brand! I highly highly recommend it!! 

Nautical nails!! 

Nautical nails!! 

Ahoy there I’ve got some Naitical nails! 

I used this super nice Uber chic plate to do these! Super super simple but honestly look really professional! I got lots of complements! 

These were definitely fun to wear and fun to do because they went fast, sometimes the simple manicures are the best! 

Thanks for reading! 

Gorgeous Natural nails 

Hello! Here’s a review of this cuticle oil I have been using lately, this oil has a mix of lots of oils that are fantastic for your nails and make your hands super smooth 

One thing I can proudly say about this is that it makes your cuticles very smooth, for a really really long time! 

The application of this oil is very precise 

The way you use this oil is one drop per finger, slightly rub it and let it soak in for a little bit then massage the rest in your cuticles, you can use this with or without polish! 

It’s super easy to take places for its size and I 10/10 recommend this. 

I love it so much! 

You can get it Here

Have a great day! 

Nicole diary review 

Why hello again today! Two blogs in one day? I think so! 😊

I was sent this to review by Nicole diary and I promise this is my honest opinion and   I almost bought this with my own money. 

This is an amazing brush set that comes with removable heads and one base to connect it to. 

All the brushes are great quality and there are 10 brush heads. 

They came very quickly and came neatly packaged in a nice little plastic package. 

The little diamond at the top is actually glad so it’s fantastic quality! I have so many plans on what I’m gonna do with it! 

Thank you for reading and this is my 100% honest opinion! 

Thermal nails 

Thermal nails 

Who has used thermal nail polish before? Well if you have, or haven’t I highly recommend it! Especially this brand because of its high quality! The thermal was so much fun to play with! 

I used a very nice Uber chic beauty plate for this crisp design and a beautiful bundle monster stamping polish! 

It was sooooooo worth getting this polish, it was fantastic quality! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! I posted a video to my instagram! 

Alpaca nails 

Alpaca nails 

Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest of places. Like an alpaca eraser! 

Well you read it right alpaca nails, I’m not even 100% sure why I did but I liked the idea. I know he’s not too easy to see cute I promise Al (the name of the alpaca) is there! 

I did a fan brush base color to get this pretty back ground! 

With three look nail colors they blended really well! 

Hope you enjoy them! 

Flamingo nails! 

Flamingo nails! 

I did some bright pink flamingo nails! 

So I started with a white base on my middle and ring finger and used a bundle monster stamping polish (bright pink) with a flamingo design from Uber chic! 

Then on the rest of my nails I used a pink polish from Look nail color, two coats it was perfect! Then with bundle monster bam white I stamped the other flamingos on there! 

Then I finished it off with matte top coat! 

I hope you enjoyed these nails and I plan on writing more! 💖