My First Post

Hello everyone! My name is Isabelle and I have always wanted to start a blog about something I was very passionate about, and I have been very passionate about nail art for a while now. I do my own nail art and have been learning so much in the last year and half of doing it. I do also wish to become a nail tech and do this for a living. I personally love watching and reading others vlogs and blogs and always have wanted to make my own and I finally have the opportunity to do so.

Within this new blog I would love to make fun tutorials for you to recreate for yourself or add your own twist to it, do honest reviews if my favorite products,  I would also like to be better at writing, and just share fun thing about my life.

A few things about me: I live in a redwood forest (I’ll post some pretty pictures when I learn how), I have two dogs Cowboy and Stella, I started painting my nails Jan-30-2016 (for a date then it stuck), I’m an Amazon-alcoholic, and I love learning in school. With more posts to follow you will definitely be able to know more about me 🙂


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