A review on the Bundle Monster deluxe stamping kit


Hello everyone! I am here today with a review on the new stamping kit by Bundle Monster, I just recently got it an would love to talk about it and give a nice review! There are other colors to the cases (like black, and pink,) and there were cases that came with two stamping plates but I didn’t want those ones. I got the teal one it measures about 6 inches wide, 7 and 1/2 tall, and just a little over 2 inches thick. It also has a very sturdy case which is very protective and it is really good quality. The one I got was 24.99 plus shipping. you can get it here  https://www.bundlemonster.com/custom-deluxe-nail-stamping-kit-series.html  (if this link doesn’t work you should be able to just go to the Bundle Monster site and it should be on their home page)


Inside the right part of the case it has three stamping polishes. In this particular case I got the colors are: light grey (Grey Joy), black (Straight Up Black), and electric blue (Cosmic Latte). It comes with a double ended squishy stamper (it doesn’t require any priming!!), and it also has a very nice bottle that is acetone safe, the bottle also has a nice frosty/matte finish.

On the left side of the case it has two nice cuticle pushers, 8 makeup sponges (perfect for gradients), a pink glass nail file, and two scraper cards one thinner and more flexible and there is one that is more sturdy depending on your preference.

The stamping polishes worked amazingly, I tried a geometric stamp design with the blue and light grey which I think turned out great! This is the best stamper that I own as of today, 10/10 would buy again!!


I just orders some stamping plates and tomorrow I’m ordering some stamping polish and a new clear stamper, I will do more honest reviews once they come in. I think Saturday I will do another set of nails and I’ll either post about them or make a tutorial! Take care and thank you for reading!! Have a great day! 🙂


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