Dandelion nails 

Dandelion nails 

Hello everyone I’m sorry for the late post, I went to a “Make A Wish” auction! I’m really happy it went well! So I’m here today with some really nice dandelion nails with a new Born Pretty plate I’ve been wanting to review! It’s a super nice plate and I really recommend this to anyone who loves stamping 

I started off with my base coat and the base color is white. Then with some plastic wrapping all squished together put some medium grey nail polish and dabbed most of it off onto paper then dabbed a little on the nails. Now here less is so much more, so if you put too much on you can use s clean up brush dipped in a bit of acetone to make it lighter. Then simply stamped the full images on my middle and ring finger and the small on the rest! I hope you all enjoy this and please like this and comment any ideas for me! Bye! 


10 thoughts on “Dandelion nails 

      1. Thanks you, in the message to tell them do you think I should tell them all the born Pretty stuff I have of them? Like “I have 23 plates and a holder, etc” or does that seem dumb?


      2. Yeah, I’d say that you’ve already tried out some of their products, maybe even send them a link to one of your reviews that you’ve already done, and just say that you’re interested in a collaboration.

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