Lacey Nails

Lacey Nails

Hello everyone! Just yesterday I got 12 Bundle Monster stamping polishes (the Primary Essentials and the Weekend Warrior sets) so I’m so excited to test all of these out! I’m still going threw the Born Pretty plate set so I wanted to use some images from that and one of the new polishes. I ended up using this plate:


The plate itself is well etched an had no problem picking any of the images up, I think the stamping polish helped with that too. The only things I don’t really like about this plate is how the designs are placed. They are very “choppy.” To me it doesn’t flow together like I would have designed it. I still do like it though.

Thank you so much for reading and please give this post a like if you liked it or want more reviews. I have even more plates coming in (actually tomorrow), I have lots of new stamping polishes to try out, a see through stamper (finally getting one, little late on that) and I do also free hand, I just haven’t lately due to all the homework I have but spring break is almost here!! I still plan on some cat nails that have been suggested too, and some borderlands 2 nails for my boyfriend. Thanks again for reading and comment any ideas below!! (Sorry for the bad picture I’m using a bad desk lamp).



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