Toxic Nail Art 

Toxic Nail Art 

Hey everyone! So I wasn’t able to actually do my nails today like I had planed because I forgot it was one of my closest friends birthdays! And I love baking for these kinds of things, so I spent my free time baking him some of his favorite yummy chocolate cupcakes! So I have a manicure I’ve done but didn’t write about it just in case I had a day I wanted to write but had no new mani done, with out any more delay I provide you with some edgy, nerdy-ish, cool nails for you all to enjoy! 

The plates I used are a set by bundle monster and it’s on Amazon Here. I personally have had these plates for a very long time and they are still great (I keep them in a nice safe case too) and every bundle monster plate I have ever gotten works great. 

Here was me like a year ago, gross right? Well I wanted to show you my progress. Do you like the green or silver better? 

 I also wanted to show you guys me messing with my iPhone editing and to me it looks like poisen or toxins. The green glare looks great in my opinion for a fun picture. Thank you for reading today and please comment below any suggestions or ideas for me! Check out my last blog too! Paris inspired nails! Bye everyone have a great day! 


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