Cotton Candy Nails

Cotton Candy Nails

Or are these the new Starbucks drink nails?? After I did them I realized it looked like that, so should I stick with cotton candy or Starbucks? Well anyways I got to do my nails today and I would love to share with you! 

These nails are super easy and fun to do because they don’t take much effort at all but have a great pay off. And you can do any colors you want and it looks great! 

So I start out with my base coat, then my favorite white polish and use a bit of scrunched up plastic wrap and put a little on it, dab the excess away on paper or a nail art mat and dab lightly to your nails! (That was such a long sentence!) 

In this kind of situation less is much more, I really like these and I feel like this would look awesome under a stamp or something or a design of some sort. I really like these, I might get the Starbucks drink just to pose with them! šŸ˜œ please comment and like this if you liked these or have any suggestions for me! Until next time, bye! 


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