What’s Up Nails

What’s Up Nails

Hello! I’m here today with a review on some What’s Up Nails vinyls!! That you can get Here. I’m sorry for the late post I went with my mom and sister to see boss baby, which was prettt funny too! I also got my prom dress today! And it fits wonderfully I’m so happy and excited for prom! If you want I can blog about it? 

Well let’s get back to nails, I started with a base coat and then white nail polish. I did the same thing that I did in the last set of nails with plastic wrap and some beautiful aquamarine polish. Dab on as much or little as you like and put on a quick dry topcoat so your nail vinyls won’t peel up the polish. You should let this dry for a good 30 minuets, I had to go to the store so I let it dry for and hour and a half because of my circumstances.

Now you really can just stop here, I think it looks cool and you can with any color combinations you want too. After that has dried for a while you can place your nail vinyls how ever you like. I specifically wanted the spaces between each section on my middle finger than my ring to add to it. Then I thought “hey just tip it with the blue too” and did. 

I also put some Pueen latex  around my nails just so clean up is easier and won’t go out side the lines. Right after you add the color of your choice peel it up right away for a clean edge. And use a clean up brush if necessary. 

You really really need to practice to get these down, or at least the line ones. I really like using these and want to more, I plan on getting unicorn ones by What’s Up Nails, and some by Twinkled T too! 

Please comment below what you think of these and if you want me to blog about prom and my dress! I totally will if someone wants it! Thanks for reading! Bye!! 


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