Japanese Celebration Nails 

Japanese Celebration Nails 

Hello!! I wasn’t sure what to call these but that seemed to fit best. I was inspired to do these after I recived a charm like things after a good good friend passed away. Just a few days ago was her two month mark of being gone. I really missed her today and thought I would do nails in her honor, again. This is the charm I got: 

I’m not sure what it says but it is beautiful if anyone knows, please tell me I would really love to know. 

Prom is coming up so on Saturday I’ll just post what my nails look like and probably a day or two after show you guys pictures of my dress and everything. 

Let’s get to the nails shall we? I painted my middle and ring finger my favorite white and for my pointer finger, pinky and thumb a stamping polish that was the perfect crimson red. But one thing. It, does not work well AT all for painting your nails!!! I decided to try it and I will never again, because it’s very thick (for stamping reasons) and if it gets in your cuticle it stays in your cuticle. So I do not recommend doing that. 

I used these plates: 

Two born pretty plates and one bundle monster plate. For my stamping the actual designs I used bundle monsters monocle stamper which is AMAZING! It really helps to see right where you place! 

I first stamped the red then the gold on my middle and ring finger, it turned out really well. But placeing these perfect take lots and lots of practice. Then I simply stamped the gold over the red nails and the bird on the pointer finger just because I thought it looked cool. 

I’m happy I was able to share these nails with you and the sentiment these held with my dear friend. Bye thank you for reading 🙂 

Stamping polishes used: Here

Monocle stamper: Here


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