Prom was wonderful I had so much fun with my date! It was a masacrade theme so we got some cute masks! I wanted to show you my dress, hair, nails and my wonderful date! 

Here is my dress 

I really liked it because it was very Victorian and just plain awesome! 

My hair! 

I got my hair curled at a local solan, it was nice to have it curly for a night! 

My nails! 

If you saw my last blog I wrote about these but just in case you didn’t I’ll show them again! 

Here was my wonderful date: 

We both had soooooo much fun! We have been together 19 months tomorrow! (Yes I’m still counting months)! 

I’m really happy prom went well and I’m happy you read this blog! Thank you and if you have any questions leave them below in the comments!! 


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