Flower Graident Nails 

Flower Graident Nails 

Hello! I’m here to show you these awesome rainbow gradient nails I did to match my dress! It’s soooooooo hot here so I thought I’d wear a cute summer dress and nails to match! 

I started with a simple white base and used three of my bundle monsters Stamping polishes that went well with my dress. I put three dotes of polish on the Plate, and scraped a few times and picked it up like normal!

I really like how they blended together, like to me it’s super nice to look at! I like these because it’s so simple but looks great and very spring like! Have you done any spring nails? Do you have any suggestions for me and nails I should do? 

This is what the print of my dress looks like so I thought I’d take a picture! 

Thank you so much for reading!!! It means a lot! Please tell me any suggestions I should do or designs I should do! (: 


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