Elegant Gold Rose Nails

Elegant Gold Rose Nails

Hello! Today I did my nails and the inspiration for these absolutely beautiful nails is the bloger “beautnails4u” she made these beautiful nails and I thought I could recreate them, she also did a set of mine! This is my first mani swap, I’m super stoked! Well let’s get into this! 

I started with a white base, then stamped a pretty gold design and used a detail brush to paint the black on, I didn’t have the nail vinyls she had so I did my best.

I really like these because on one side it’s all gold and then this super neat dark shadow look, very creative! Here are the original, I think hers are wayyy better. 

Oh I also wanted to say I used this topcoat! I know lots of people use this just wanted to show you! 

If anyone wants to mani swap with me please just comment below! Thank you so much for reading this and thank you Beautnails4u for letting me recreate this (: 


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