Borderlands Two Nail Art 

Hello! I’m here today with some borderlands two nail art! My wonderful boyfriend is having his birthday today and this is his favorite video game so I thought to do them in his honor! There is some stamping involved and some free hand! 
On my middle finger and ring finger I painted them white and the rest black. Then on my middle finger I used a splatter stamp using two colors. On my ring finger I free handed the BL2 and then dry brushed around it.

On my pinky I just stamped a cool design with a moon grey. On my pointer finger I free handed the vault hunter symbol and kept my thumb just black and then simply topcoated this didn’t take that long but have a great pay off.

I have a few friends that are happy to see them because they like borderlands two too! 

I’m sorry I couldn’t post these last night my wifi went out, so I wasn’t able to load these up. Thank you so much for reading! Bye! 


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