Elegant Nail Art

Elegant Nail Art

I wasn’t sure what to call these but I knew they needed “elegant” in the name. I wanted some not too busy nail art because on Friday I am going to a school dance and it’s neon themed! So for that I’ll do something neon. And then on Sunday my amazing physics teacher roller derbies so on Saturday I’m doing some roller derby nail art for her. 

Let’s get into this nail art shall we! 

Ok so one thing! This polish Look, this brand is amazing! They are also cruelty free, 5-free, and vegan! I am not personally a vegan or vegetarian but I think it’s cool. This is my new favorite brand, it is very opaque and smooth, and this is just me but I love the bottle! I can’t wait to grow this collection! And these are not very expensive! They are about 4.99 each. (at  my local Rite Aid) they also have a site Here! I am not sponsored I just love this brand! 

Ok, need to get back on track. I started with a base color of Aqua by Look nail polish, then with white stamping polish stamped this very pretty design. I wish I used a clear stamper to see where I was placing it but that’s ok. 

I’m really happy with this Aqua color, I might use a lighter color by look for the roller derby nails! 

Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it and it’s so much fun writing these! Thank you! 


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