River Jade Inspired 

Hello! I’m sorry for the later post I just got time to write! Today I got to go to the river and it was lots of fun and I get to go again tomorrow! Also I’m upgrading my room with an accent wall and some newer furniture and I’ll post a before and after of all of it into its own blog! I hope that’ll be fun and work out! 

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with a teal base color on my middle and ring finger and left the rest black. I’m trying to stay away from a white base color! Then with grey, black, and teal polish I did a distressed gradient, too bad the grey dulled the teal but that’s ok. The gradient is inspired by the river jade I was finding at the river and after I did the gradient a stamp sounded nice. 

I stamped the white design with some of bundle monster’s stamping polish! 

If you think my nails are shorter they are! Since I’m gonna be moving heavy furniture and such I don’t wanna tear or rip a nail off. I’d rather have short symmetrical nails then a ripped one! 

These are pretty cool, I really like having my middle finger and ring finger be accent nails. That’s my favorite! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll keep you updated on the upgrade of my room and post like normal! And please comment me some ideas! 


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