Flakie Nail Art 

Flakie Nail Art 

Hello everyone! I have been so busy with fixing up my room and just so many different projects in my life! My mom bought me a bunch of nail art stuff and I’ll review them each individually! Today I will be starting with some Born Pretty nail art flakies!! They are beautiful! I really love them and wanna get better at using them. I know this is a bit of an awkward picture of my thumb but it shows how pretty they are. 

So let’s just start here, tip number one. Do not spill it! It’s too expensive to waste but not too expensive to have. I spilled a little, I was able to save some of it though. 

With all flakies you need to have a mostly dry base but a little wet, like a tacky feeling.  I recommend putting a top coat first. Then with an eye shadow applicator or your finger push it into the wetish topcoat. And it should smooth out. 

I wanted to do an opal like base, I thought it would work for what I was trying to do. Then I stamped a pueen design with a stamper that my mom got me! I’ll go more into detail about that later! 

The particular flakies I got were from Amazon and I got nine of the little cases with nine colors. I love this little set so much and plan on using them more in the future! 

This is the flakies look like without the stamper over it. 

Thank you so much for reading today! I meant to post last night but my wifi wasn’t having it. I will have a blog up about the stuff I got for my birthday along with reviews about each of them like these flakies. 

By the way these flakies 10/10 so recommend!!! 


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