Fourth of July nail art! 

Fourth of July nail art! 

    Sorry I didn’t post this last night I went the the carnival about a half hour after I finished my nails and didn’t get back till 11 and I was soooo tired I passed right out! 

    I wanted to start the reviews for the nails things my family gave me, so I wanted to do this one first! Ok, so I know you probably hear “my new favorite stamper” or “this is my favorite brand” and stuff. But I mean it when I say that this is my favorite clear stamper! With two reasons, sentimental value coming from my mom, how well it works, and the size of the stamper! 

The only reason this didn’t pick up in a few spots it’s entirely my fault, I scraped bad, but I was in a rush. 

It’s super easy to see through this stamper, and it’s nice to hold! This stamper is also great for long nails because it is squishy so it molds to you nail.

I really recommend this stamper so anyone stamping!! 

Ok the actual nail art!! I started with a white base (it’s Fourth of July I can use a white base!) and with two stamping polishes side by side on the plate got this cool fade in fade out design! 

These didn’t take very much time at all, the part that took a while was the base coat and base color drying. 

Thank you so much for reading and I really recommend getting this stamper! I’ll put a link where to get it in the blog I show off all my stuff! Bye! 


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