My birthday gifts! 

Hey! This will be quick I just wanted to post the nail stuff I got for my birthday! And a link to get them if you would want to get them. I am also writing reviews for each and every one. 

This is a winstonia marshmallow see through stamper. Winstonia

This is a bundle monster semi squishy silicon stamper. It also came with an extra stamper head. Bundle Monster

This was an odd brand stamper, I think Kingsfansion. Kingsfansion

My older sister bought these for me, I have no idea where they plates, they aren’t a specific set that I know of. But I know the stamper Born Pretty

Here are the plate designs: 

And this is a French version of Born pretty. Like literally it’s Born pretty but in French. 

I also got some flakies that are great but I couldn’t get a good picture so I’ll leave the link. Flakies

And last but not least some Twinkled T nail vinyls that are feather. 

Thanks for reading! More reviews will be up soon!! ❤️


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