Sushi Nail Art

Sushi Nail Art

Hello! I’m here with some sushi nail art and a review on a one dollar and 80 cent stamper! So I wanna see how it worked and it’s stamper head is very very firm. Just like those pink ones that are tiny. So it’s way too firm for longer nails, for me it hurts wayyyy too bad and I feel like it’ll break a nail! But it should work for making decals right on the stamper and it really does,  I really like it for that so if you like that too I recommend this little stamper. 

And I’m also using my new Née Jolie plate I got from my older sister. I love this plate!

Well let’s get to this nail art! I started with My favorite white base (wow such a surprise!) 

Then with my Look nail mat put a drop of light pink nail polish with three drops of pure acetone to water it down and put very little around on my nails. Less is definitely more, then I did the exact same thing with a light grey. 

I could have added a watered brown but I didn’t care for the extra. (I actually put a matte top coat because I’d put that on at the end.)

Then just filled in the normal steps of reverse stamping. 

I know I need to get better at making decals because I am not very good. So I’ve got to try more! *weak yay!* 

So what do you think of these? If I had money for sushi I’d get some with these nails! Thank you for reading and I do suggest getting this stamper for three reasons. 1) it’s cheap! 2) it’s great for advanced stamping 3) it picks up great without priming! But if you aren’t into reverse stamping and have long nails then I don’t suggest it.

Here is where you can get it Stamper

Thanks for reading! Bye 🙂 


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