Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

A three dollar stamper?? Yes! I just got it on Amazon and thought I’d give it a shot because of how cheap it was! It picks up decent but there are spots it doesn’t pick up all the way, after I used a cotton pad and pure acetone and it picked up better. 

So maybe if I mess with it more it’ll pick up more and more. Now one thing I really like about this stamper is the blue part is metal! It feels like great quality!! And as it molds to your nails and is awesome! 

Well here is my actual nail art! 

I bought these little jewels a while ago and never use them and thought that I should! I really love this gradient and the color combo! Well anything with teal I love! 

By the way this stamper does come with a little scraper and lid which is nice. Now I know this stamper doesn’t pick up everything but I feel like if I wrestle with it I’ll get it to work! And it is 3 dollars! You can get it Here

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! Please comment below if you liked this and want more! 


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