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Dinosaur Nails! 🦖🦕

Dinosaur Nails! 🦖🦕

Hello!!! Omg why is senior year so tough! Thanks for being patient 

I started with a blue base and then made a blue to green gradient for my middle and ring finger. Then with an Uber texture plate I did the back ground and stamped the dinosaurs! 

I have a video on my insta @nails__by__belle 

Thanks for reading! 

Happy new year! 

Happy new year! 

Happy new year everyone! How was 2017? Any New Years resolutions?? Let me know! (Well if you wanna!) 

I did some New Years Nails I’m sure you’ll like, it’s actually free hand art which I know some people done consider “stamping art” but I do! 

I used acrylic paint to get this look, and a very pretty china glaze flakie polish! 

I have a video up on my insta on how I did this so if you’d like to see it it’s @nails__by__belle 🙂 

Should I do more free hand? Let me know! 

Happy New Years 

Kawaii Nails 

Kawaii Nails 

Hello everyone I’ve got some pretty cute kawaii nails that I think are adorbale! These took forever! But I think they are pretty worth it I got lots of compliments! 

Almost all of the products used are Bundle Monster except for the purple colors and the top and base coat! 

I also have a life update! I got a new dog! His name is Winston and we are training him to work in my household! He’s so cute!! If you follow my Instagram you can see more updates with him! 🙂 

Ornament nails

Ornament nails

Hello! I literally finished these last night! 

These nails are reverse stamping if you may have not been able to tell! I got this stamping plate for Christmas and I really didn’t wanna wait a year before I could do these so I decide to do them quickly! 

I did paint in the line for the ornaments but I hope you liked these 🙂 

If you have any questions let me know in the comments! The video is up on my instagram @nails__by__belle and it’s also up on my Facebook page @isabellegrievenaildesigns