Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

A three dollar stamper?? Yes! I just got it on Amazon and thought I’d give it a shot because of how cheap it was! It picks up decent but there are spots it doesn’t pick up all the way, after I used a cotton pad and pure acetone and it picked up better. 

So maybe if I mess with it more it’ll pick up more and more. Now one thing I really like about this stamper is the blue part is metal! It feels like great quality!! And as it molds to your nails and is awesome! 

Well here is my actual nail art! 

I bought these little jewels a while ago and never use them and thought that I should! I really love this gradient and the color combo! Well anything with teal I love! 

By the way this stamper does come with a little scraper and lid which is nice. Now I know this stamper doesn’t pick up everything but I feel like if I wrestle with it I’ll get it to work! And it is 3 dollars! You can get it Here

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Make Up art! 

Make Up art! 

Hello!! I’m with my best friend Alisbeth and she is AMAZING at makeup art! She is the makeup version of me! So as I said in earlier blogs I wanted this to be a mostly nail but cute and fun things in my life and she is definitely one! 

We had thought of writing a blog after we’d finished it so we don’t have step by step on how she did this wonderful look. We had soooo much fun taking these awesome pictures and all the credit of the pictures and makeup is her, I’m just a model! 

She did a natural glam look. She did a great job and an amazing job with the pictures. 

And my favorite part the highlight!!! 

She also did hers too but much earlier! 

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Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Hello! I’m here today it’s some super cute panda nails! If you notice my nails are a LOT shorter, I’m starting a job tomorrow and I’ve got a busy weekend! 

Let’s get to the nails! I started with a white base (what will I do without white!!??) and used one of my bundle monster plates that has the pandas, bamboo, and paws. 

I used normal nail polish for the bamboo, I thought the sheerness of it would add to it. This manicure was very simple and was pretty quick to do, I really like these. And the matte topcoat is pretty cool too! 

Thanks for reading this very short post and I should be posting Sunday, but maybe not just depends! Thank you for following and reading these blogs it just makes me so happy! Bye! 🙂 

Batman Nail Art 

Batman Nail Art 

I’m batman. *reads in deep voice* 😉 

Hello! I’m here today with some batman nail art, I had been inspired by talking to a good friend of mine that loves batman. (Don’t worry I like him too!) 

Now these nails did take quiet some time just because of sponging the layers of gray and black too look just right and the free handing of the city and making the bat descal.

I started with a light grey base, then with a makeup sponge put the darker grey and black parts of the background. Then with a small brush outlined Gotham.

I have a stamping design that has a bunch of bats on it so I picked it up and used tape to take the rest away and very very carfully put the circle around it and then filled it in with yellow. 

I love the small pop of color, I feel like it really adds to it. What do you think about these? What’s your favorite superhero? Oh! I’m starting my own challenge for myself a nerd thing. Like do a few superheroes, some popular fandoms and themes. I think I’ll do 20 manicures that pertain to a nerd like thing! Now I don’t mean 20 In a row just 20 eventually! 

Please leave me a suggestion that you might have and thank you so much for reading!! Until then I’m batman! 

Henna Nail Art 

Henna Nail Art 

Hello I’m here today with a swatch of a polish I got at hot topic, I thought it was so interesting and the bottle was so cool I had to get it. I actually got this on my birthday while I was in the mall, I don’t know why I was so drawn to it. 

Here is the swatch

It was opaque within three coats, now I know three is a lot sometimes but these kinds of polishes need to be thin enough so you can end up seeing the little bits inside. I actually like this a lot.

Here is the art I actually added. 

You might recognize this as one of the stamping plates my older sister got me for my birthday. 

This polish is like a splatter within the paint, which I find very cool. Do you guys want me to swatch polishes? And please I’d love any suggestions from you guys! Thanks for reading bye! 

Stamping polish: Only used white

Stamper: Winstonia

Sushi Nail Art

Sushi Nail Art

Hello! I’m here with some sushi nail art and a review on a one dollar and 80 cent stamper! So I wanna see how it worked and it’s stamper head is very very firm. Just like those pink ones that are tiny. So it’s way too firm for longer nails, for me it hurts wayyyy too bad and I feel like it’ll break a nail! But it should work for making decals right on the stamper and it really does,  I really like it for that so if you like that too I recommend this little stamper. 

And I’m also using my new Née Jolie plate I got from my older sister. I love this plate!

Well let’s get to this nail art! I started with My favorite white base (wow such a surprise!) 

Then with my Look nail mat put a drop of light pink nail polish with three drops of pure acetone to water it down and put very little around on my nails. Less is definitely more, then I did the exact same thing with a light grey. 

I could have added a watered brown but I didn’t care for the extra. (I actually put a matte top coat because I’d put that on at the end.)

Then just filled in the normal steps of reverse stamping. 

I know I need to get better at making decals because I am not very good. So I’ve got to try more! *weak yay!* 

So what do you think of these? If I had money for sushi I’d get some with these nails! Thank you for reading and I do suggest getting this stamper for three reasons. 1) it’s cheap! 2) it’s great for advanced stamping 3) it picks up great without priming! But if you aren’t into reverse stamping and have long nails then I don’t suggest it.

Here is where you can get it Stamper

Thanks for reading! Bye 🙂 

My birthday gifts! 

Hey! This will be quick I just wanted to post the nail stuff I got for my birthday! And a link to get them if you would want to get them. I am also writing reviews for each and every one. 

This is a winstonia marshmallow see through stamper. Winstonia

This is a bundle monster semi squishy silicon stamper. It also came with an extra stamper head. Bundle Monster

This was an odd brand stamper, I think Kingsfansion. Kingsfansion

My older sister bought these for me, I have no idea where they plates, they aren’t a specific set that I know of. But I know the stamper Born Pretty

Here are the plate designs: 

And this is a French version of Born pretty. Like literally it’s Born pretty but in French. 

I also got some flakies that are great but I couldn’t get a good picture so I’ll leave the link. Flakies

And last but not least some Twinkled T nail vinyls that are feather. 

Thanks for reading! More reviews will be up soon!! ❤️