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Batman Nail Art 

Batman Nail Art 

I’m batman. *reads in deep voice* 😉 

Hello! I’m here today with some batman nail art, I had been inspired by talking to a good friend of mine that loves batman. (Don’t worry I like him too!) 

Now these nails did take quiet some time just because of sponging the layers of gray and black too look just right and the free handing of the city and making the bat descal.

I started with a light grey base, then with a makeup sponge put the darker grey and black parts of the background. Then with a small brush outlined Gotham.

I have a stamping design that has a bunch of bats on it so I picked it up and used tape to take the rest away and very very carfully put the circle around it and then filled it in with yellow. 

I love the small pop of color, I feel like it really adds to it. What do you think about these? What’s your favorite superhero? Oh! I’m starting my own challenge for myself a nerd thing. Like do a few superheroes, some popular fandoms and themes. I think I’ll do 20 manicures that pertain to a nerd like thing! Now I don’t mean 20 In a row just 20 eventually! 

Please leave me a suggestion that you might have and thank you so much for reading!! Until then I’m batman!