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Steam Punk Nail Art 

Steam Punk Nail Art 

Hello everyone! I’m here today with some cool steam punk nail art that I’ve been wanting to do lately! It’s super simple but has a cool pay off. 

I started with an all dark blue base. Finally not a white base! Then I stamped the gears, hot air ballon and the octopus on my nails! 

These are so simple and very easy to do, so there really isn’t much to talk about how I did it. 

I have some questions, what would you like to see on this blog? Do you want facts about me? Do you want something else? Or keep this up? Do you want crafts and baking? Please comment below what you’d like to see on this blog I’d really appreciate it!! Thank you for reading!!! 


Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Hello! I told ya I’d do elephant nail art! 

I’ve been in a really big elephant phase! Has anyone else seen the elephant craise?? I see them all over! Especially in clothes!

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with white on my middle and ring nails and the rest this beautiful teal! 

The I just simply stamped the design on, I love this so much! Also the fact I love elephants! 

I also love this color scheme! So maybe I’m bias for liking these!

What do you think about these? Would you wanna do em? Please leave me suggestions you might have! 🙂 

Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails

Hello everyone! My family and I are on the coast for an Easter weekend and I knew I would wanna do my nails beach themed while I was here so I picked out a mermaid stamping plate and a nice blue. 

I started with my base coat, then blue until opaque. Then I lined them up to make and ocean floor look, which was pretty hard so practice! Then finished with your favorite top coat! I had a lot of fun doing these during the sun set of the beach. I even posted it on Snapchat! 

Thought you might like to see the sunset! Please comment anything you wanna read and nail art ideas!! (: Thank you so much for reading! 

Rosey Marble Nail Art

Rosey Marble Nail Art

Hey everyone I had no idea what to call these, but I still really wanted to share it with you guys! I’m really loving spring break and having time to do really nice nails and being able to share it with you. Hope you enjoy! 

I used an image at the top of this plate: 

For the base I used white and then with a stamper and nail art mat, marbled three colors (white, blue-green, and blue). Then stamped the image with bundle monsters black stamping polish (straight up black). 

I only stamped my middle and ring finger because I felt like it was more elegant. Please comment below and tell me what you think of these! I’ll keep you posted! (Pun intented) 

You can get the plate Here

You can get the stamping polish Here