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River Jade Inspired 

Hello! I’m sorry for the later post I just got time to write! Today I got to go to the river and it was lots of fun and I get to go again tomorrow! Also I’m upgrading my room with an accent wall and some newer furniture and I’ll post a before and after of all of it into its own blog! I hope that’ll be fun and work out! 

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with a teal base color on my middle and ring finger and left the rest black. I’m trying to stay away from a white base color! Then with grey, black, and teal polish I did a distressed gradient, too bad the grey dulled the teal but that’s ok. The gradient is inspired by the river jade I was finding at the river and after I did the gradient a stamp sounded nice. 

I stamped the white design with some of bundle monster’s stamping polish! 

If you think my nails are shorter they are! Since I’m gonna be moving heavy furniture and such I don’t wanna tear or rip a nail off. I’d rather have short symmetrical nails then a ripped one! 

These are pretty cool, I really like having my middle finger and ring finger be accent nails. That’s my favorite! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll keep you updated on the upgrade of my room and post like normal! And please comment me some ideas! 

Layered flower nail art 

Layered flower nail art 

Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday, I didn’t have time to do my nails so I had to wait till today! But I’m glad I got to today! 

So yesterday I went to Sally’s Beauty store to look at some polish and I found this beautiful teal!!! It’s so pretty! This color has been my favorite for a while and I just had to have it! This is actually the first polish by Orly I have ever gotten! And it applies great, super consistent and super vibrant in color I really recommend! 

Let’s get to the nail art shall we! I used a born pretty plate, two bundle monster stamping plates, and bundle monster’s monocle stamper. 

First I stamped the silver and then the dark blue. I like this layered stamping and wanna try to do it more, it really adds to the print. What do you think about it? 

I really love this color, actually it looks like I’m gonna paint one of my walls this pretty color soon, would you want me to post about that? 

Thank you so much for reading and again I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday! Please comment any suggestions for me! Bye! 🙂 

Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Hello! I told ya I’d do elephant nail art! 

I’ve been in a really big elephant phase! Has anyone else seen the elephant craise?? I see them all over! Especially in clothes!

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with white on my middle and ring nails and the rest this beautiful teal! 

The I just simply stamped the design on, I love this so much! Also the fact I love elephants! 

I also love this color scheme! So maybe I’m bias for liking these!

What do you think about these? Would you wanna do em? Please leave me suggestions you might have! 🙂 

Pineapple Nail Art!! 🍍

Pineapple Nail Art!! 🍍

Hello! So I have noticed that pineapples are really big lately, or is it just me? So…I’ve noticed that I do a Lot of white base nail art. *flashes back to all my recent nail art* 

Well I got inspiration by a friend of mine who had a pineapple phone case and I just got this cute bracelet! 

I don’t know why I really like this, it’s so unusual but cool. If that makes sense! 

Well I started off with a yellow base with this L’Oréal nail polish color. It usually takes two coats but some reason it took three this time! 

Actually all my nails are this yellow base color, the two dark blue ones are a negative space stamp so I thought that was sooo cool! 

This is very simple I just used two of my stamping plates that had pineapples and you’ve got yourself themed nail art! 

This is bundle monsters Cosmic Latte, I really enjoy this color and recommend getting it if you like blue. 

Well that’s all for today!! On Saturday or Sunday I plan on doing some elephant nails! I am in an elephant phase right now and thought that would be cute and fun! The plan I have is gonna have a white base. How predictable. Well no one said it’s bad! 

Until next time thanks for reading! 

Update with the dance 

Well they dance didn’t have any black lights but that’s ok, I showed people a picture of how it’s supposed to be under black light. 

Well here is are products I used: 

Left to right: seche vite topcoat, pueen latex guard, Essie’s I’m addicted, budle Monster’s rose garden and empire club, Bonita’s flaming Juan, and Winstonia’s jumbo marshmallow sticky stamper! I love this stamper and really recommend this!

Here is my wonderful boyfriend and I at the dance 🙂

I’m doing my nails again today so there should be a blog up either late tonight or early tomorrow! Thanks 🙂 

Please be sure to check out my other blog “neon nail art” 

Neon nail art! 

Neon nail art! 

Hello! As I said in my last blog I’m going to dance tonight that is a neon theme. I wanted to get some nails that would pop and look really cool under black light. I really hope there is a black light! So I’m going to do these nails in two blogs, pictures now and then pictures of the dance and more pictures.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post these last night, I finished these late last night and my internet wasn’t loading to write. 

Ok, so back to nails, I started applying my favorite white base coat by Look Nail Polish, these guys are completely cruelty free and on there instagram they have some “dogs behind the brand” and show a few rescue dogs. So I really think that is cool! 
With a neon green, orange, and a neon blue with a normalish pink stamped a very swirly nail image on. Here is the plate: 

I also used my marshmallow stamper by Winstonia. 

I stamped neon green on my pinky, middle finger and thumb. Then blue on top of that. On my ring and pointer finger I stamped neon orange and the pink on top. In my next blog about these I will post my tools and such I just don’t have pictures right now. 

Now my little sister does have a black light in her room and she let me take some pictures.

Isn’t it cool! I wanna live in black light! I kinda wanna do a black light series knowing my little sister has a black light, would you guys like that? What do you think of the black light? I know when I go to the roller derby our local skating rink has black lights so I’ll do another set 🙂 

Thanks for reading! There will be another blog about these late tonight after the dance! I’ll be safe 🙂 

Elegant Nail Art

Elegant Nail Art

I wasn’t sure what to call these but I knew they needed “elegant” in the name. I wanted some not too busy nail art because on Friday I am going to a school dance and it’s neon themed! So for that I’ll do something neon. And then on Sunday my amazing physics teacher roller derbies so on Saturday I’m doing some roller derby nail art for her. 

Let’s get into this nail art shall we! 

Ok so one thing! This polish Look, this brand is amazing! They are also cruelty free, 5-free, and vegan! I am not personally a vegan or vegetarian but I think it’s cool. This is my new favorite brand, it is very opaque and smooth, and this is just me but I love the bottle! I can’t wait to grow this collection! And these are not very expensive! They are about 4.99 each. (at  my local Rite Aid) they also have a site Here! I am not sponsored I just love this brand! 

Ok, need to get back on track. I started with a base color of Aqua by Look nail polish, then with white stamping polish stamped this very pretty design. I wish I used a clear stamper to see where I was placing it but that’s ok. 

I’m really happy with this Aqua color, I might use a lighter color by look for the roller derby nails! 

Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it and it’s so much fun writing these! Thank you!