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Holly Bow Nails 

Holly Bow Nails 

Good morning everyone! I hope you’ve had a great day! And I wanted to show you these nails I did not too long ago! But I love these so much! 

I started with just a plain base and stamped a born pretty design over the pretty color and glued the bow on! 

I really loved these nails, I kept them on for a while! 

If you would like to see the video how I did these it’s on my Instagram @nails__by__belle 

Base color: Julia G 

Plate: born pretty 

Stamping polish/Stamper: Bundle Monster 

Coffee Nails!

Coffee Nails!

Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for a while I have not had any time to do my nails at all! And the day before yesterday I had to file my nails down a lot because I was going swimming at the river and we were climbing rocks so I’d rather have short cute symmetrical nails than a ripped one. 

I started with a white base on all my nails but my pinky, then did the normal gradient on my middle finger and ring finger. On my pointer finger a circle gradient! 

I used this awesome Born Pretty stamper and I actually really recommend this, it picked up amazingly! It’s on Amazon for about 6 or 7 dollars, it’s definitely work it! 

I am a major coffee lover so obviously I love these! 

Ok so I’ve got some ideas, I’d like to put more energy into Instagram with posting more pictures and eventually do videos when I get a camera. Do you have any suggestions for me? Please comment them and my Instagram is @nails__by__belle 🙂 

Thank you!!! 

Henna Nail Art 

Henna Nail Art 

Hello I’m here today with a swatch of a polish I got at hot topic, I thought it was so interesting and the bottle was so cool I had to get it. I actually got this on my birthday while I was in the mall, I don’t know why I was so drawn to it. 

Here is the swatch

It was opaque within three coats, now I know three is a lot sometimes but these kinds of polishes need to be thin enough so you can end up seeing the little bits inside. I actually like this a lot.

Here is the art I actually added. 

You might recognize this as one of the stamping plates my older sister got me for my birthday. 

This polish is like a splatter within the paint, which I find very cool. Do you guys want me to swatch polishes? And please I’d love any suggestions from you guys! Thanks for reading bye! 

Stamping polish: Only used white

Stamper: Winstonia

My birthday gifts! 

Hey! This will be quick I just wanted to post the nail stuff I got for my birthday! And a link to get them if you would want to get them. I am also writing reviews for each and every one. 

This is a winstonia marshmallow see through stamper. Winstonia

This is a bundle monster semi squishy silicon stamper. It also came with an extra stamper head. Bundle Monster

This was an odd brand stamper, I think Kingsfansion. Kingsfansion

My older sister bought these for me, I have no idea where they plates, they aren’t a specific set that I know of. But I know the stamper Born Pretty

Here are the plate designs: 

And this is a French version of Born pretty. Like literally it’s Born pretty but in French. 

I also got some flakies that are great but I couldn’t get a good picture so I’ll leave the link. Flakies

And last but not least some Twinkled T nail vinyls that are feather. 

Thanks for reading! More reviews will be up soon!! ❤️

Flakie Nail Art 

Flakie Nail Art 

Hello everyone! I have been so busy with fixing up my room and just so many different projects in my life! My mom bought me a bunch of nail art stuff and I’ll review them each individually! Today I will be starting with some Born Pretty nail art flakies!! They are beautiful! I really love them and wanna get better at using them. I know this is a bit of an awkward picture of my thumb but it shows how pretty they are. 

So let’s just start here, tip number one. Do not spill it! It’s too expensive to waste but not too expensive to have. I spilled a little, I was able to save some of it though. 

With all flakies you need to have a mostly dry base but a little wet, like a tacky feeling.  I recommend putting a top coat first. Then with an eye shadow applicator or your finger push it into the wetish topcoat. And it should smooth out. 

I wanted to do an opal like base, I thought it would work for what I was trying to do. Then I stamped a pueen design with a stamper that my mom got me! I’ll go more into detail about that later! 

The particular flakies I got were from Amazon and I got nine of the little cases with nine colors. I love this little set so much and plan on using them more in the future! 

This is the flakies look like without the stamper over it. 

Thank you so much for reading today! I meant to post last night but my wifi wasn’t having it. I will have a blog up about the stuff I got for my birthday along with reviews about each of them like these flakies. 

By the way these flakies 10/10 so recommend!!! 

River Jade Inspired 

Hello! I’m sorry for the later post I just got time to write! Today I got to go to the river and it was lots of fun and I get to go again tomorrow! Also I’m upgrading my room with an accent wall and some newer furniture and I’ll post a before and after of all of it into its own blog! I hope that’ll be fun and work out! 

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with a teal base color on my middle and ring finger and left the rest black. I’m trying to stay away from a white base color! Then with grey, black, and teal polish I did a distressed gradient, too bad the grey dulled the teal but that’s ok. The gradient is inspired by the river jade I was finding at the river and after I did the gradient a stamp sounded nice. 

I stamped the white design with some of bundle monster’s stamping polish! 

If you think my nails are shorter they are! Since I’m gonna be moving heavy furniture and such I don’t wanna tear or rip a nail off. I’d rather have short symmetrical nails then a ripped one! 

These are pretty cool, I really like having my middle finger and ring finger be accent nails. That’s my favorite! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll keep you updated on the upgrade of my room and post like normal! And please comment me some ideas! 

Layered flower nail art 

Layered flower nail art 

Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday, I didn’t have time to do my nails so I had to wait till today! But I’m glad I got to today! 

So yesterday I went to Sally’s Beauty store to look at some polish and I found this beautiful teal!!! It’s so pretty! This color has been my favorite for a while and I just had to have it! This is actually the first polish by Orly I have ever gotten! And it applies great, super consistent and super vibrant in color I really recommend! 

Let’s get to the nail art shall we! I used a born pretty plate, two bundle monster stamping plates, and bundle monster’s monocle stamper. 

First I stamped the silver and then the dark blue. I like this layered stamping and wanna try to do it more, it really adds to the print. What do you think about it? 

I really love this color, actually it looks like I’m gonna paint one of my walls this pretty color soon, would you want me to post about that? 

Thank you so much for reading and again I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday! Please comment any suggestions for me! Bye! 🙂