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Kawaii Nails 

Kawaii Nails 

Hello everyone I’ve got some pretty cute kawaii nails that I think are adorbale! These took forever! But I think they are pretty worth it I got lots of compliments! 

Almost all of the products used are Bundle Monster except for the purple colors and the top and base coat! 

I also have a life update! I got a new dog! His name is Winston and we are training him to work in my household! He’s so cute!! If you follow my Instagram you can see more updates with him! 🙂 


Christmas Lace Nails 

Hello again! I’m trying to catch up on post posts so here is some more! 

For these nails I started with the red/orange like base color by JuliaG then I put some beautiful flakies over it to give it that shine! Then on my middle and ring nails Stamper over the polish! 

What do you think of the lipstick? Pretty cool in my opinion 🙂 

If you wanna check out the video it’s on my Instagram @nails__by__belle 

Holly Bow Nails 

Holly Bow Nails 

Good morning everyone! I hope you’ve had a great day! And I wanted to show you these nails I did not too long ago! But I love these so much! 

I started with just a plain base and stamped a born pretty design over the pretty color and glued the bow on! 

I really loved these nails, I kept them on for a while! 

If you would like to see the video how I did these it’s on my Instagram @nails__by__belle 

Base color: Julia G 

Plate: born pretty 

Stamping polish/Stamper: Bundle Monster 

Penguin nails! 

So I thought I’d just start with my most current nails! 

These were done to match my pj’s for my spirit week at school! 

They have a simple base color and just stamped a few penguin in a haphazardly way to look more like a print! 

I hope you enjoyed these simple teal nails! 

Base color: china glaze 

Base coat: ünt peel off 

Stamping plate, Stamper, and stamping polish: Bundle Monster

My Instagram is @nails__by__belle 

Palm tree nails 

Palm tree nails 

Hello! I’m here with a submission to this challenge:

I absolutely love how these turned out! And I hope you do too! 

I started with the blue base color and added the pink with a gradient sponge! Then just stamped everything on like so! 

I posted these on Instagram so please check me out! @nails__by__belle 

Thanks for reading! I hope you like these! I know I love em!! Please follow me on Instagram @nails__by__belle 🙂 

Steam Punk Nails 

Steam Punk Nails 

More steam punk nails? Yes, yes indeed. 

Hello everyone how are you all doing!! I hope it’s fantastic! Lately I’ve been itching to start filming my nail art so I ordered a tripod for my phone! I have iMovie already on my phone so I hope it works out and I’ll be posting on Instagram! And maybe someday YouTube?! Wouldn’t that be great? 

I know I know I’ll get to the nerdy challenge I wanna be able to film them and I gotta wait till my tripod comes in! 

Well let’s get on with the nails, these are so simple, like beyond simple.

I started with this copper gold ish color by Julie G and it’s pretty awesome! Here is just the swatch:

Very vibrant and I love it, I got it at rite aid so maybe you can to? 

I did these nails out of inspiration of a radio station on Pandora that is called “Caravan palace” it’s super cool it’s kinda like a twist in oldies music with modern, I don’t know how to explain it but I recommend you check it out! 

I also wanted to show you I always use a peel off base coat, that’s why my nails art strong and I am able to do them like 3 times a week!! 

I also wanted to all let you know I ordered bundle monster’s new stamping polish collection and their “winter solstice” collection I’m sooooo excited to use them!! 

Thank you so much for reading and please support me on Instagram it’s @nails__by__belle 🙂 thank you!!!!