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Drag marble nails! 

Drag marble nails! 

Hello everyone I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting very much I have been so busy and keep putting writing the blog! If you follow my Instagram I’ve done a few more nails and just haven’t written about them! So if you want nails that I do faster go to my Instagram @nails__by__belle 🙂 

So these are inspired by Sveta Sanders on Instagram! She is so amazing at nails so if you aren’t following her then you totally should! 

On my Instagram account I am creating videos of how I do nails! So the one for these are up! 

I used a doting tool to do this, the key is not pushing too deep in the polish and make sure you put a thick thick coat of base color! 

Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting soon!! ❤️

Lace Chrome Nails 

Lace Chrome Nails 

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for the late post tonight but I had sooooooooooo much homework. Even though I hate these nails I still wanna show you guys. I had a better thought in mind when thinking of these but in reality looked awful in my opinion. 

I didn’t even do that good of job I was in a hurry to do homework! 

Well I simply started off with a base coat, this new multi chrome polish I got, but it won’t show up in the pictures. It’s a purple blue shift which is really pretty in the bottle. Then I stamped this lace looking image on my middle and index finger. 

Even though I am considering this a nail fail I still wanted to show you guys! Well I’m off to more homeowork 😣

Please like and follow me for more nail art and reviews to come! Have a great day or night to anyone reading! 

Born Pretty Nail Plates

Born Pretty Nail Plates

Hello everyone! Today I got some nail mail from the brands Born Pretty and Ejiubas (I’ll review the Ejiubas plates later) I got a seven piece set from Born Pretty and I know I can’t review them all in one blog or it will then become a book. So what I have planned is to review each plate with its own blog until I use all seven, then the two Ejiubas after. Now in this set of seven plates there is one that I already have that I have bought a while ago and have used it so I know its gonna be the same so I’ll post that nail art for you guys, I don’t have any time to paint my nails today sadly…)’:


Also in this set there are two holiday themed ones (Halloween and Christmas) so when those holidays roll around I’ll use them then. The picture above is the picture from Amazon and I just found it easier to use this. If you would like to get these plates just go here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E4ZZRBI/ref=twister_B01HAVMTO6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I hope you enjoy this and I really hope I have time to do my nails tomorrow. Bye everyone! Please comment any suggestions, do you like the watermark? Or are there any plates I should order? I’m open for anything 🙂

Please have a great day and I’ll be writing soon!!