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Flower Graident Nails 

Flower Graident Nails 

Hello! I’m here to show you these awesome rainbow gradient nails I did to match my dress! It’s soooooooo hot here so I thought I’d wear a cute summer dress and nails to match! 

I started with a simple white base and used three of my bundle monsters Stamping polishes that went well with my dress. I put three dotes of polish on the Plate, and scraped a few times and picked it up like normal!

I really like how they blended together, like to me it’s super nice to look at! I like these because it’s so simple but looks great and very spring like! Have you done any spring nails? Do you have any suggestions for me and nails I should do? 

This is what the print of my dress looks like so I thought I’d take a picture! 

Thank you so much for reading!!! It means a lot! Please tell me any suggestions I should do or designs I should do! (: 

Rainbow Stamp Gradient 

Rainbow Stamp Gradient 

Hello! I’m here today with some rainbow stamp gradient nails that I personally think these are really cool! I used a bunch of my new stamping polishes! 

So I started with a base coat (I actually personally use peel off because I do my nails a lot). Then a simple white base, then I put two colors on my stamping plate and scrapped a few times then picked it up with the stamper. 
I used this plate by pueen, all the pueen products I have ever used have been great so I recommend this brand. 

This are a lot of fun and you really could use any image and do this gradient look, I also chose to use a matte top coat too. I know these pictures aren’t the best but I ran out of natural sun light and that is how I prefer to take my nail pictures. 

But I really like this picture though, it’s the first I’ve don’t like this: 

Thank you so much for reading, please comment below any suggestions or ideas for me I’d love to hear it! Prom is coming up so I’ll keep you updated on that as well! Bye! (: 

Stamping polishes: Here

Pueen latex : Here

Pueen plate Here (it’s a full set) 

Crazy Geometric Punk Nails 

Crazy Geometric Punk Nails 

Soooo….I had no idea what to call these but, I love them! My friend did these and she said I could try to recreate it and I did first chance I got to. What I really like about these is that there is a lot going on but not too much where it’s not nice to look at. 

I know I did mess up on the pointer finger at the end when I was done putting things away! Don’t you hate that!! But it does add to it in a way I think. Well I didn’t have time to redo it so I fixed it the best I could. For these cool triangle images I used this Plate

I painted all my nails black but my ring finger which is white. Then in a random way stamped gold and white polishes by bundle monster which you can get Here 

I really enjoyed doing these nails because of my friend inspiring me to. Please comment below any ideas for me! I’m loving this blog so much it’s making me pretty happy. Have a great day! 

Sunset Beach Nails 

Sunset Beach Nails 

Hello everyone I’m really happy I got to do my nails today but I had a struggle with the dark blue I had with the gradient and it stained my fingers and cuticle. But other than that I really like these nails and I’m happy the gradient looks pretty ok! 

I also used this new clear monocle stamper by bundle monster and I have to say it works amazingly! It picked up great and was super easy to see where I was placing the images. With some over the things in this manicure I free handed because I wanted more sizes of palm trees. Please like and comment if you like these or suggest any nail designs! 🙂 Thanks for reading!