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Cool Design Nail Art 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Ummmmmm…what to call these……. I know they look cool though, like in an elegant way. Kinda remind me of moss? 

Well I attempted to do that marble look with water and hair spray and put your nail in and it leaves a marble pattern. It could have been the water, hairspray or even the polish, I’m not sure but it didn’t work out like expected. 

I started with a white base (gee how predictable) If you have seen tutorials of actually spraying in the hair spray to separate there is a lot less dark polish. Maybe I put too much in the water? 

I like my pointer and middle finger nail most, they look a lot cooler. Don’t you think? I still like them even though they are not what I expected. Do you guys like them? 

Please comment below what you think or what you think I did wrong! Thanks for reading! 🙂 

My Prom Nails!!! 

My Prom Nails!!! 

Hello! I’m so excited for prom tonight, I decided that i was gonna do something super simple so I just marbled this beautiful ILNP polish and some white. 

Super easy and super simple. Not much to really talk about this tutorial, use a firmer stamper though. 

This is ILNP’s polish called maiden lane. I’ll post some pictures from prom, like my dress and mask, maybe what I do for makeup, and my hair. (My make up is literally red lipstick and mascara). Oh! This is my mask! 

I really like it, I would put a link to where to get it but they sold out about two weeks ago. 

Tell me what you think! Did you do your nails for prom? Or have an idea for your nails for prom? Any suggestions for next year? Thank you so much for reading! 🙂