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Straw berry nails 

Straw berry nails 

Hello everybody, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much I’ve been so busy and just keep putting off writing blogs. I’ve been editing and making videos now and put more attention to that, but thank you for staying with me and supporting me! I’ll make sure I get back on track! 

Here is my entry for the fruit part of the challenge 

I hand painted the strawberries and here is the step by step for it: 

A Strawberry is a fruit so I’m ok! I hope you enjoy these and check out the video on Instagram! 

Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Hello! I’m here today it’s some super cute panda nails! If you notice my nails are a LOT shorter, I’m starting a job tomorrow and I’ve got a busy weekend! 

Let’s get to the nails! I started with a white base (what will I do without white!!??) and used one of my bundle monster plates that has the pandas, bamboo, and paws. 

I used normal nail polish for the bamboo, I thought the sheerness of it would add to it. This manicure was very simple and was pretty quick to do, I really like these. And the matte topcoat is pretty cool too! 

Thanks for reading this very short post and I should be posting Sunday, but maybe not just depends! Thank you for following and reading these blogs it just makes me so happy! Bye! 🙂 

Sushi Nail Art

Sushi Nail Art

Hello! I’m here with some sushi nail art and a review on a one dollar and 80 cent stamper! So I wanna see how it worked and it’s stamper head is very very firm. Just like those pink ones that are tiny. So it’s way too firm for longer nails, for me it hurts wayyyy too bad and I feel like it’ll break a nail! But it should work for making decals right on the stamper and it really does,  I really like it for that so if you like that too I recommend this little stamper. 

And I’m also using my new Née Jolie plate I got from my older sister. I love this plate!

Well let’s get to this nail art! I started with My favorite white base (wow such a surprise!) 

Then with my Look nail mat put a drop of light pink nail polish with three drops of pure acetone to water it down and put very little around on my nails. Less is definitely more, then I did the exact same thing with a light grey. 

I could have added a watered brown but I didn’t care for the extra. (I actually put a matte top coat because I’d put that on at the end.)

Then just filled in the normal steps of reverse stamping. 

I know I need to get better at making decals because I am not very good. So I’ve got to try more! *weak yay!* 

So what do you think of these? If I had money for sushi I’d get some with these nails! Thank you for reading and I do suggest getting this stamper for three reasons. 1) it’s cheap! 2) it’s great for advanced stamping 3) it picks up great without priming! But if you aren’t into reverse stamping and have long nails then I don’t suggest it.

Here is where you can get it Stamper

Thanks for reading! Bye 🙂 

Fourth of July nail art! 

Fourth of July nail art! 

    Sorry I didn’t post this last night I went the the carnival about a half hour after I finished my nails and didn’t get back till 11 and I was soooo tired I passed right out! 

    I wanted to start the reviews for the nails things my family gave me, so I wanted to do this one first! Ok, so I know you probably hear “my new favorite stamper” or “this is my favorite brand” and stuff. But I mean it when I say that this is my favorite clear stamper! With two reasons, sentimental value coming from my mom, how well it works, and the size of the stamper! 

The only reason this didn’t pick up in a few spots it’s entirely my fault, I scraped bad, but I was in a rush. 

It’s super easy to see through this stamper, and it’s nice to hold! This stamper is also great for long nails because it is squishy so it molds to you nail.

I really recommend this stamper so anyone stamping!! 

Ok the actual nail art!! I started with a white base (it’s Fourth of July I can use a white base!) and with two stamping polishes side by side on the plate got this cool fade in fade out design! 

These didn’t take very much time at all, the part that took a while was the base coat and base color drying. 

Thank you so much for reading and I really recommend getting this stamper! I’ll put a link where to get it in the blog I show off all my stuff! Bye! 

Look Product Review 

Look Product Review 

Hello I’m here today with an honest Look product review! I wasn’t sent these to review, I won them on Instagram! Which I was super excited about! I got a gel-like topcoat and a manicure mat. The manicure mat is made of silicon so you can make decals with it, I thought the best way to test it was the ability to make decals, and the topcoat to see if it smudges my designs and works for decals. 

When you decide to make a decal with stamping you need to put some topcoat and let that dry. You need to do this so it has a place to stick to. This topcoat is wonderful for making decals, it makes it strong but not brittle strong. 

One nice thing about this mat is that one side is shiny, so it won’t slide around. 

I do recommend getting this mat and topcoat especially because of how well the topcoat works for decals. 

Here is the nail art I ended up doing! It’s a reverse stamp decal! 

These nails are very summery which I like, and I think the colors I used really pop!


I also used this topcoat as a topcoat too which works really well! 🙂 

I’m very happy to be used this products and I know I’ll be using this mat a lot! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be posting soon! 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Ummmmmm…what to call these……. I know they look cool though, like in an elegant way. Kinda remind me of moss? 

Well I attempted to do that marble look with water and hair spray and put your nail in and it leaves a marble pattern. It could have been the water, hairspray or even the polish, I’m not sure but it didn’t work out like expected. 

I started with a white base (gee how predictable) If you have seen tutorials of actually spraying in the hair spray to separate there is a lot less dark polish. Maybe I put too much in the water? 

I like my pointer and middle finger nail most, they look a lot cooler. Don’t you think? I still like them even though they are not what I expected. Do you guys like them? 

Please comment below what you think or what you think I did wrong! Thanks for reading! 🙂 

Shark Nail Art! 

Shark Nail Art! 

Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t post last night I wasn’t able to take pictures because the sun went down and if I take pictures with my lamp it just looks awful! 

Well I used my favorite brand (Look) for the base color, then with some dark green and a little paint brush I added an algae look to the bottom. 

Then with that same green stamped the plant on my ring finger. Then I mixed two bundle monster stamping polishes for a lighter pink for the coral look. 

Having the seethrough stamping I put the shark on. Having this stamper really helped so I recommend it! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone is doing well! Please comment any ideas for me! 🙂