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River Jade Inspired 

Hello! I’m sorry for the later post I just got time to write! Today I got to go to the river and it was lots of fun and I get to go again tomorrow! Also I’m upgrading my room with an accent wall and some newer furniture and I’ll post a before and after of all of it into its own blog! I hope that’ll be fun and work out! 

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with a teal base color on my middle and ring finger and left the rest black. I’m trying to stay away from a white base color! Then with grey, black, and teal polish I did a distressed gradient, too bad the grey dulled the teal but that’s ok. The gradient is inspired by the river jade I was finding at the river and after I did the gradient a stamp sounded nice. 

I stamped the white design with some of bundle monster’s stamping polish! 

If you think my nails are shorter they are! Since I’m gonna be moving heavy furniture and such I don’t wanna tear or rip a nail off. I’d rather have short symmetrical nails then a ripped one! 

These are pretty cool, I really like having my middle finger and ring finger be accent nails. That’s my favorite! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll keep you updated on the upgrade of my room and post like normal! And please comment me some ideas! 

Layered flower nail art 

Layered flower nail art 

Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday, I didn’t have time to do my nails so I had to wait till today! But I’m glad I got to today! 

So yesterday I went to Sally’s Beauty store to look at some polish and I found this beautiful teal!!! It’s so pretty! This color has been my favorite for a while and I just had to have it! This is actually the first polish by Orly I have ever gotten! And it applies great, super consistent and super vibrant in color I really recommend! 

Let’s get to the nail art shall we! I used a born pretty plate, two bundle monster stamping plates, and bundle monster’s monocle stamper. 

First I stamped the silver and then the dark blue. I like this layered stamping and wanna try to do it more, it really adds to the print. What do you think about it? 

I really love this color, actually it looks like I’m gonna paint one of my walls this pretty color soon, would you want me to post about that? 

Thank you so much for reading and again I’m sorry I didn’t post Sunday! Please comment any suggestions for me! Bye! 🙂 

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Hello! I’m here today with nail polish nail art, what a mouth full! I like the idea of these nails just the end result wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I’m not the best with decals and need to get better, so maybe expect more nail art with decals! 

I started with a light blue base, I specifically chose to not use a white base! I know I use white too much! After you apply your base coat and base color you can use a silicon mat and apply some top coat and let that dry.  Then stamp your design on and color it in and apply topcoat over it and let it dry!! For a while long time! 

You can then peel it up and adhere it to your nails and top coat! I put two thick coats on just to keep it down.

Do you guys want me to post anything different? Add anything? Please comment below! Also! I’ve been actually trying to grow and maintain a Instagram account, would you please go check it out, it’s actually what I’ve been watermarking my nail art, @nails__by__belle is my account! 🙂 it would mean a lot of you checked it out! 

Thank you so much for reading! And that’s about it! Keep Calm And Polish On! 

Shark Nail Art! 

Shark Nail Art! 

Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t post last night I wasn’t able to take pictures because the sun went down and if I take pictures with my lamp it just looks awful! 

Well I used my favorite brand (Look) for the base color, then with some dark green and a little paint brush I added an algae look to the bottom. 

Then with that same green stamped the plant on my ring finger. Then I mixed two bundle monster stamping polishes for a lighter pink for the coral look. 

Having the seethrough stamping I put the shark on. Having this stamper really helped so I recommend it! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone is doing well! Please comment any ideas for me! 🙂 

Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Elephant Nail Art! 🐘

Hello! I told ya I’d do elephant nail art! 

I’ve been in a really big elephant phase! Has anyone else seen the elephant craise?? I see them all over! Especially in clothes!

Well let’s get to the nail art! I started with white on my middle and ring nails and the rest this beautiful teal! 

The I just simply stamped the design on, I love this so much! Also the fact I love elephants! 

I also love this color scheme! So maybe I’m bias for liking these!

What do you think about these? Would you wanna do em? Please leave me suggestions you might have! 🙂 

Mermaid nails! 

Mermaid nails! 

Hello! I’m here with some fun mermaid nails! If you can’t tell I really love mermaids! They are so pretty and so cool. I notice I do a lot of these…

Well these are really simple, I chose this color set of my pinky and thumb to be this metallic blue, and my other nails white. 

If you ever use nail vinyls you must put a quick dry topcoat and let that dry for quiet some time! If you don’t it will peel up your existing polish!

Since I love mermaids I love these nails, and would totally recreate these! What do you think about mermaids? 

Thank you for reading! Please comment me any suggestions for me! I really need them, thank you so much 🙂 

Roller Derby Nail Art! 

Hey! So I know this is a late post but I just got home from the roller derby event! It was a lot of fun and I got to watch my physics teacher kick some butt! It was so much fun I’m really happy I could go! 

Well here is the nail art! 

So the star on the helmet is very significant, I means you are a “Jammer” and you are the person getting the points. So that’s super cool! 

I used that wonderful Look brand again as my base color and stamped with two bundle monster polishes, Straight Up Black and Cosmic Latte. 

I thought that the blue design went well with the skate and the helmet. 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be posting soon! 🙂 good night, morning, or afternoon to anyone reading!