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Nautical nails!! 

Nautical nails!! 

Ahoy there I’ve got some Naitical nails! 

I used this super nice Uber chic plate to do these! Super super simple but honestly look really professional! I got lots of complements! 

These were definitely fun to wear and fun to do because they went fast, sometimes the simple manicures are the best! 

Thanks for reading! 

Thermal nails 

Thermal nails 

Who has used thermal nail polish before? Well if you have, or haven’t I highly recommend it! Especially this brand because of its high quality! The thermal was so much fun to play with! 

I used a very nice Uber chic beauty plate for this crisp design and a beautiful bundle monster stamping polish! 

It was sooooooo worth getting this polish, it was fantastic quality! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! I posted a video to my instagram! 

Alpaca nails 

Alpaca nails 

Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest of places. Like an alpaca eraser! 

Well you read it right alpaca nails, I’m not even 100% sure why I did but I liked the idea. I know he’s not too easy to see cute I promise Al (the name of the alpaca) is there! 

I did a fan brush base color to get this pretty back ground! 

With three look nail colors they blended really well! 

Hope you enjoy them! 

Flamingo nails! 

Flamingo nails! 

I did some bright pink flamingo nails! 

So I started with a white base on my middle and ring finger and used a bundle monster stamping polish (bright pink) with a flamingo design from Uber chic! 

Then on the rest of my nails I used a pink polish from Look nail color, two coats it was perfect! Then with bundle monster bam white I stamped the other flamingos on there! 

Then I finished it off with matte top coat! 

I hope you enjoyed these nails and I plan on writing more! 💖

Crystal nails!! 

Crystal nails!! 

Hello! It’s been a while….Gosh I gotta keep up with writing! 

Well anyways I’m here today with some crystal calcite nails I did! 

Calcite is a crystal that has a slanted cube shape, so no matter how small you smash it, it will hold its slanted cube shape! Even to a molecular level!! So I learned this in my science class so I thought “gee, wouldn’t these look cool on my nails?” And went to me local rock shop and bought some calcite! 

Which is only about 2 or 3 dollars a cube so it’s not expensive! 

Now these nails aren’t the best to wear every day but that’s ok it’s art! 😂

I have the video of how I did these on my Instagram! @nails__by__belle 

Products used: 

Look nail color white base 

Local rock shop crystals! 

Have a great day! 

Happy new year! 

Happy new year! 

Happy new year everyone! How was 2017? Any New Years resolutions?? Let me know! (Well if you wanna!) 

I did some New Years Nails I’m sure you’ll like, it’s actually free hand art which I know some people done consider “stamping art” but I do! 

I used acrylic paint to get this look, and a very pretty china glaze flakie polish! 

I have a video up on my insta on how I did this so if you’d like to see it it’s @nails__by__belle 🙂 

Should I do more free hand? Let me know! 

Happy New Years