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Thermal nails 

Thermal nails 

Who has used thermal nail polish before? Well if you have, or haven’t I highly recommend it! Especially this brand because of its high quality! The thermal was so much fun to play with! 

I used a very nice Uber chic beauty plate for this crisp design and a beautiful bundle monster stamping polish! 

It was sooooooo worth getting this polish, it was fantastic quality! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! I posted a video to my instagram! 

In Love Nails 

In Love Nails 

Hello! So I wanna show you some of my favorite nails I have ever done! I honestly loved these so much, maybe because I’m in love! ❤️ 😍

My middle and ring is a light to dark grey gradient with a heartbeat pattern stamped on. Then on my pointer finger I sponged some black and stamped the couple on! 

I thought they were beautiful, I will do them again some day! 

The video is on my Instagram @nails__by__belle if you wanna watch it! 

Coffee Nails!

Coffee Nails!

Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for a while I have not had any time to do my nails at all! And the day before yesterday I had to file my nails down a lot because I was going swimming at the river and we were climbing rocks so I’d rather have short cute symmetrical nails than a ripped one. 

I started with a white base on all my nails but my pinky, then did the normal gradient on my middle finger and ring finger. On my pointer finger a circle gradient! 

I used this awesome Born Pretty stamper and I actually really recommend this, it picked up amazingly! It’s on Amazon for about 6 or 7 dollars, it’s definitely work it! 

I am a major coffee lover so obviously I love these! 

Ok so I’ve got some ideas, I’d like to put more energy into Instagram with posting more pictures and eventually do videos when I get a camera. Do you have any suggestions for me? Please comment them and my Instagram is @nails__by__belle 🙂 

Thank you!!! 

Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Panda Nail Art 🐼 

Hello! I’m here today it’s some super cute panda nails! If you notice my nails are a LOT shorter, I’m starting a job tomorrow and I’ve got a busy weekend! 

Let’s get to the nails! I started with a white base (what will I do without white!!??) and used one of my bundle monster plates that has the pandas, bamboo, and paws. 

I used normal nail polish for the bamboo, I thought the sheerness of it would add to it. This manicure was very simple and was pretty quick to do, I really like these. And the matte topcoat is pretty cool too! 

Thanks for reading this very short post and I should be posting Sunday, but maybe not just depends! Thank you for following and reading these blogs it just makes me so happy! Bye! 🙂 

Henna Nail Art 

Henna Nail Art 

Hello I’m here today with a swatch of a polish I got at hot topic, I thought it was so interesting and the bottle was so cool I had to get it. I actually got this on my birthday while I was in the mall, I don’t know why I was so drawn to it. 

Here is the swatch

It was opaque within three coats, now I know three is a lot sometimes but these kinds of polishes need to be thin enough so you can end up seeing the little bits inside. I actually like this a lot.

Here is the art I actually added. 

You might recognize this as one of the stamping plates my older sister got me for my birthday. 

This polish is like a splatter within the paint, which I find very cool. Do you guys want me to swatch polishes? And please I’d love any suggestions from you guys! Thanks for reading bye! 

Stamping polish: Only used white

Stamper: Winstonia

Fourth of July nail art! 

Fourth of July nail art! 

    Sorry I didn’t post this last night I went the the carnival about a half hour after I finished my nails and didn’t get back till 11 and I was soooo tired I passed right out! 

    I wanted to start the reviews for the nails things my family gave me, so I wanted to do this one first! Ok, so I know you probably hear “my new favorite stamper” or “this is my favorite brand” and stuff. But I mean it when I say that this is my favorite clear stamper! With two reasons, sentimental value coming from my mom, how well it works, and the size of the stamper! 

The only reason this didn’t pick up in a few spots it’s entirely my fault, I scraped bad, but I was in a rush. 

It’s super easy to see through this stamper, and it’s nice to hold! This stamper is also great for long nails because it is squishy so it molds to you nail.

I really recommend this stamper so anyone stamping!! 

Ok the actual nail art!! I started with a white base (it’s Fourth of July I can use a white base!) and with two stamping polishes side by side on the plate got this cool fade in fade out design! 

These didn’t take very much time at all, the part that took a while was the base coat and base color drying. 

Thank you so much for reading and I really recommend getting this stamper! I’ll put a link where to get it in the blog I show off all my stuff! Bye!