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Flamingo nails! 

Flamingo nails! 

I did some bright pink flamingo nails! 

So I started with a white base on my middle and ring finger and used a bundle monster stamping polish (bright pink) with a flamingo design from Uber chic! 

Then on the rest of my nails I used a pink polish from Look nail color, two coats it was perfect! Then with bundle monster bam white I stamped the other flamingos on there! 

Then I finished it off with matte top coat! 

I hope you enjoyed these nails and I plan on writing more! 💖

Steam Punk Nails 

Steam Punk Nails 

More steam punk nails? Yes, yes indeed. 

Hello everyone how are you all doing!! I hope it’s fantastic! Lately I’ve been itching to start filming my nail art so I ordered a tripod for my phone! I have iMovie already on my phone so I hope it works out and I’ll be posting on Instagram! And maybe someday YouTube?! Wouldn’t that be great? 

I know I know I’ll get to the nerdy challenge I wanna be able to film them and I gotta wait till my tripod comes in! 

Well let’s get on with the nails, these are so simple, like beyond simple.

I started with this copper gold ish color by Julie G and it’s pretty awesome! Here is just the swatch:

Very vibrant and I love it, I got it at rite aid so maybe you can to? 

I did these nails out of inspiration of a radio station on Pandora that is called “Caravan palace” it’s super cool it’s kinda like a twist in oldies music with modern, I don’t know how to explain it but I recommend you check it out! 

I also wanted to show you I always use a peel off base coat, that’s why my nails art strong and I am able to do them like 3 times a week!! 

I also wanted to all let you know I ordered bundle monster’s new stamping polish collection and their “winter solstice” collection I’m sooooo excited to use them!! 

Thank you so much for reading and please support me on Instagram it’s @nails__by__belle 🙂 thank you!!!!

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Hello! I’m here today with nail polish nail art, what a mouth full! I like the idea of these nails just the end result wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I’m not the best with decals and need to get better, so maybe expect more nail art with decals! 

I started with a light blue base, I specifically chose to not use a white base! I know I use white too much! After you apply your base coat and base color you can use a silicon mat and apply some top coat and let that dry.  Then stamp your design on and color it in and apply topcoat over it and let it dry!! For a while long time! 

You can then peel it up and adhere it to your nails and top coat! I put two thick coats on just to keep it down.

Do you guys want me to post anything different? Add anything? Please comment below! Also! I’ve been actually trying to grow and maintain a Instagram account, would you please go check it out, it’s actually what I’ve been watermarking my nail art, @nails__by__belle is my account! 🙂 it would mean a lot of you checked it out! 

Thank you so much for reading! And that’s about it! Keep Calm And Polish On! 

Flower Graident Nails 

Flower Graident Nails 

Hello! I’m here to show you these awesome rainbow gradient nails I did to match my dress! It’s soooooooo hot here so I thought I’d wear a cute summer dress and nails to match! 

I started with a simple white base and used three of my bundle monsters Stamping polishes that went well with my dress. I put three dotes of polish on the Plate, and scraped a few times and picked it up like normal!

I really like how they blended together, like to me it’s super nice to look at! I like these because it’s so simple but looks great and very spring like! Have you done any spring nails? Do you have any suggestions for me and nails I should do? 

This is what the print of my dress looks like so I thought I’d take a picture! 

Thank you so much for reading!!! It means a lot! Please tell me any suggestions I should do or designs I should do! (: