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Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

Review On A 3 Dollar Stamper???

A three dollar stamper?? Yes! I just got it on Amazon and thought I’d give it a shot because of how cheap it was! It picks up decent but there are spots it doesn’t pick up all the way, after I used a cotton pad and pure acetone and it picked up better. 

So maybe if I mess with it more it’ll pick up more and more. Now one thing I really like about this stamper is the blue part is metal! It feels like great quality!! And as it molds to your nails and is awesome! 

Well here is my actual nail art! 

I bought these little jewels a while ago and never use them and thought that I should! I really love this gradient and the color combo! Well anything with teal I love! 

By the way this stamper does come with a little scraper and lid which is nice. Now I know this stamper doesn’t pick up everything but I feel like if I wrestle with it I’ll get it to work! And it is 3 dollars! You can get it Here

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! Please comment below if you liked this and want more! 

Flakie Nail Art 

Flakie Nail Art 

Hello everyone! I have been so busy with fixing up my room and just so many different projects in my life! My mom bought me a bunch of nail art stuff and I’ll review them each individually! Today I will be starting with some Born Pretty nail art flakies!! They are beautiful! I really love them and wanna get better at using them. I know this is a bit of an awkward picture of my thumb but it shows how pretty they are. 

So let’s just start here, tip number one. Do not spill it! It’s too expensive to waste but not too expensive to have. I spilled a little, I was able to save some of it though. 

With all flakies you need to have a mostly dry base but a little wet, like a tacky feeling.  I recommend putting a top coat first. Then with an eye shadow applicator or your finger push it into the wetish topcoat. And it should smooth out. 

I wanted to do an opal like base, I thought it would work for what I was trying to do. Then I stamped a pueen design with a stamper that my mom got me! I’ll go more into detail about that later! 

The particular flakies I got were from Amazon and I got nine of the little cases with nine colors. I love this little set so much and plan on using them more in the future! 

This is the flakies look like without the stamper over it. 

Thank you so much for reading today! I meant to post last night but my wifi wasn’t having it. I will have a blog up about the stuff I got for my birthday along with reviews about each of them like these flakies. 

By the way these flakies 10/10 so recommend!!! 

Gnome Nail Art!

Gnome Nail Art!

Hello I’m here today with some gnome nail art! Don’t hear that everyday do you? I happened to have a stamp of a gnome house and I free handed the gnome on a stamper and then cover it in topcoat and peeled it up and applied it to my nail! I used so many nail polishes it’s crazy! 

Also the stamper I used for the reverse stamper was the Pueen delux stamper because it has a refill pad with really helped. 

I started with a sky blue base and used a makeup sponge to dab on some white for clouds. Then I put on the little house and the gnome on and painted on grass. On my thumb I free handed a tree, I don’t know why but it seemed to fit! 🙂 

I like this fun themed look, do you guys have any suggestions for me? I’d really love if you did! I plan on buying some cheap clear stampers from Amazon and reviewing them, I don’t know if I’ll be able to order them or when they come in so it might be a while. Is there anything you might want me to review? Well thank you so much for reading!! 🙂 

Arrow nails! 

Arrow nails! 

Hello! I’m sorry for the late post usually I post on Tuesday’s! But I was at a dementia conference to learn more about it because I’m a caretaker. Which was really sad… 

Well here is the nail art and not being so down and depressed! 

So as you might know I really love teal! It is so pretty and it’s so amazing! 

My pinky and thumb are just plain teal, while my other nails are white. Then did the gradient on my ring and middle finger with the teal. 


I know arrows are pretty trendy (like pineapples;)Because of my love for teal I love these nails! I used bundle monsters Cosmis Latte for the stamp!

I wanna do my nails again tomorrow, so I should post again tomorrow. I think I’m gonna do shark nails, or maybe another trendy thing. Well until next time! Thank you for ready and comment any ideas for me! 

Pineapple Nail Art!! 🍍

Pineapple Nail Art!! 🍍

Hello! So I have noticed that pineapples are really big lately, or is it just me? So…I’ve noticed that I do a Lot of white base nail art. *flashes back to all my recent nail art* 

Well I got inspiration by a friend of mine who had a pineapple phone case and I just got this cute bracelet! 

I don’t know why I really like this, it’s so unusual but cool. If that makes sense! 

Well I started off with a yellow base with this L’Oréal nail polish color. It usually takes two coats but some reason it took three this time! 

Actually all my nails are this yellow base color, the two dark blue ones are a negative space stamp so I thought that was sooo cool! 

This is very simple I just used two of my stamping plates that had pineapples and you’ve got yourself themed nail art! 

This is bundle monsters Cosmic Latte, I really enjoy this color and recommend getting it if you like blue. 

Well that’s all for today!! On Saturday or Sunday I plan on doing some elephant nails! I am in an elephant phase right now and thought that would be cute and fun! The plan I have is gonna have a white base. How predictable. Well no one said it’s bad! 

Until next time thanks for reading! 

Update with the dance 

Well they dance didn’t have any black lights but that’s ok, I showed people a picture of how it’s supposed to be under black light. 

Well here is are products I used: 

Left to right: seche vite topcoat, pueen latex guard, Essie’s I’m addicted, budle Monster’s rose garden and empire club, Bonita’s flaming Juan, and Winstonia’s jumbo marshmallow sticky stamper! I love this stamper and really recommend this!

Here is my wonderful boyfriend and I at the dance 🙂

I’m doing my nails again today so there should be a blog up either late tonight or early tomorrow! Thanks 🙂 

Please be sure to check out my other blog “neon nail art” 

Neon nail art! 

Neon nail art! 

Hello! As I said in my last blog I’m going to dance tonight that is a neon theme. I wanted to get some nails that would pop and look really cool under black light. I really hope there is a black light! So I’m going to do these nails in two blogs, pictures now and then pictures of the dance and more pictures.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post these last night, I finished these late last night and my internet wasn’t loading to write. 

Ok, so back to nails, I started applying my favorite white base coat by Look Nail Polish, these guys are completely cruelty free and on there instagram they have some “dogs behind the brand” and show a few rescue dogs. So I really think that is cool! 
With a neon green, orange, and a neon blue with a normalish pink stamped a very swirly nail image on. Here is the plate: 

I also used my marshmallow stamper by Winstonia. 

I stamped neon green on my pinky, middle finger and thumb. Then blue on top of that. On my ring and pointer finger I stamped neon orange and the pink on top. In my next blog about these I will post my tools and such I just don’t have pictures right now. 

Now my little sister does have a black light in her room and she let me take some pictures.

Isn’t it cool! I wanna live in black light! I kinda wanna do a black light series knowing my little sister has a black light, would you guys like that? What do you think of the black light? I know when I go to the roller derby our local skating rink has black lights so I’ll do another set 🙂 

Thanks for reading! There will be another blog about these late tonight after the dance! I’ll be safe 🙂