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Water Marble Candy Cane Nails 

Water Marble Candy Cane Nails 

Hello! You guys get the sneak peak of my most recent nails! I still have them on! 

How is everyone? I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Christmas season! 

Let’s get into the nail art shall we? I started out with painting my thumb, pointer, and pinky nail this beautiful red by OPI. Then the other two nails white by Look Nail Color. 

Then in water I made a bullseye like shape with the red and topcoat. I specifically used topcoat to make the lines more clear! And put the topcoat on to seal it all in! 

What do you think of the the lipstick? I think it looks really pretty (: 

I’ll be posting on my instagram today and the video tomorrow! 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Ummmmmm…what to call these……. I know they look cool though, like in an elegant way. Kinda remind me of moss? 

Well I attempted to do that marble look with water and hair spray and put your nail in and it leaves a marble pattern. It could have been the water, hairspray or even the polish, I’m not sure but it didn’t work out like expected. 

I started with a white base (gee how predictable) If you have seen tutorials of actually spraying in the hair spray to separate there is a lot less dark polish. Maybe I put too much in the water? 

I like my pointer and middle finger nail most, they look a lot cooler. Don’t you think? I still like them even though they are not what I expected. Do you guys like them? 

Please comment below what you think or what you think I did wrong! Thanks for reading! 🙂