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Straw berry nails 

Straw berry nails 

Hello everybody, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much I’ve been so busy and just keep putting off writing blogs. I’ve been editing and making videos now and put more attention to that, but thank you for staying with me and supporting me! I’ll make sure I get back on track! 

Here is my entry for the fruit part of the challenge 

I hand painted the strawberries and here is the step by step for it: 

A Strawberry is a fruit so I’m ok! I hope you enjoy these and check out the video on Instagram! 

Beach Nail Art

Beach Nail Art

Hello I’m here with some nail art for the bonus prompt from this challenge: 

I have a video of how I did these nails on Instagram if you would like to check it out! @nails__by__belle 🙂 

I really like these and hope you do too! 

I’m thinking of starting with YouTube! What do you think? 

Feather Nail Art

Feather Nail Art

Hello everyone I’m here today with some feather nail art using some Twinkled T supplies! The feather vynals! 

To start off I used a light green base coat and then turned it into a gradient! 

Then out on a quick dry topcoat and waited a good 45 minutes so the polish won’t rip up. 

These are simple yet elegant, well I think so. Thanks for reading, please go check out my Instagram! @nails__by__belle 🙂