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Make up! 

Make up! 

Hello! Remember when my best friend did my makeup? Well she did it again and I wanna show you!!! 

She is so amazing! 

She used green and gold eye shadow for our school colors! 

Please comment below if you like this! I know I do! It’s so much fun! Thanks for reading!! 

Straw berry nails 

Straw berry nails 

Hello everybody, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much I’ve been so busy and just keep putting off writing blogs. I’ve been editing and making videos now and put more attention to that, but thank you for staying with me and supporting me! I’ll make sure I get back on track! 

Here is my entry for the fruit part of the challenge 

I hand painted the strawberries and here is the step by step for it: 

A Strawberry is a fruit so I’m ok! I hope you enjoy these and check out the video on Instagram! 

Make Up art! 

Make Up art! 

Hello!! I’m with my best friend Alisbeth and she is AMAZING at makeup art! She is the makeup version of me! So as I said in earlier blogs I wanted this to be a mostly nail but cute and fun things in my life and she is definitely one! 

We had thought of writing a blog after we’d finished it so we don’t have step by step on how she did this wonderful look. We had soooo much fun taking these awesome pictures and all the credit of the pictures and makeup is her, I’m just a model! 

She did a natural glam look. She did a great job and an amazing job with the pictures. 

And my favorite part the highlight!!! 

She also did hers too but much earlier! 

Thanks for reading and supporting me! Please leave a like if you want her to do my makeup more often! (And next time we would have step by step! 😉 

Bye! ❤️

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Nail Polish Nail Art! 

Hello! I’m here today with nail polish nail art, what a mouth full! I like the idea of these nails just the end result wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I’m not the best with decals and need to get better, so maybe expect more nail art with decals! 

I started with a light blue base, I specifically chose to not use a white base! I know I use white too much! After you apply your base coat and base color you can use a silicon mat and apply some top coat and let that dry.  Then stamp your design on and color it in and apply topcoat over it and let it dry!! For a while long time! 

You can then peel it up and adhere it to your nails and top coat! I put two thick coats on just to keep it down.

Do you guys want me to post anything different? Add anything? Please comment below! Also! I’ve been actually trying to grow and maintain a Instagram account, would you please go check it out, it’s actually what I’ve been watermarking my nail art, @nails__by__belle is my account! 🙂 it would mean a lot of you checked it out! 

Thank you so much for reading! And that’s about it! Keep Calm And Polish On! 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Cool Design Nail Art 

Ummmmmm…what to call these……. I know they look cool though, like in an elegant way. Kinda remind me of moss? 

Well I attempted to do that marble look with water and hair spray and put your nail in and it leaves a marble pattern. It could have been the water, hairspray or even the polish, I’m not sure but it didn’t work out like expected. 

I started with a white base (gee how predictable) If you have seen tutorials of actually spraying in the hair spray to separate there is a lot less dark polish. Maybe I put too much in the water? 

I like my pointer and middle finger nail most, they look a lot cooler. Don’t you think? I still like them even though they are not what I expected. Do you guys like them? 

Please comment below what you think or what you think I did wrong! Thanks for reading! 🙂 

Vintage Looking Nails

Vintage Looking Nails

Hello! I got to do my nails today! I’m actually a little surprised because I did sooooooo many things today! Well I’m super happy to show all of you! 

I used three different brands of plates! Born Pretty, Bundle Monster, and Pueen!

I’m sorry I had to use a filter so you could actually see the designs! 

I started with a white base on all of my nails and then this beautiful esssie polish and I am so sorry I don’t have the name, I bought it in the clearance and it didn’t have the name. Actually I have never paid full price for a single Essie polish I own! 

What I used to stamp over the white was the polish I used to paint my ring finger. It gave it a old look that I liked! 

Thank you for reading and please comment any suggestions you might have for me! 

Spider-Man Nails!

Spider-Man Nails!

Hello everyone!! I was able to do my nails today (obviously) and my boyfriend had suggested my to do Spider-Man nails and I thought I would be able to use the Halloween stamping plate that came in recently. I used this plate: 

And used the spider web prints. 

On my pointer finger and my pinky I painted two coats of China Glaze’s color “DJ Blue My Mind” and on the rest of my fingers I painted a base color by L’Oréal “He Red My Mind.” The stamping polish I used was “Straight Up Black” by Bundle Monster.


On my thumb I free handed his mask with some nice nail art Brushes I got on Amazon. Thank you for reading this little blog and please tell me any suggestions or ideas in the comments. I’m having a lot of fun with this blog so I thank you for reading!